Monday, August 13, 2012

The Flying Squirrel

No doubt that Ellis Coleman is one of the colorful Olympians in London. He has become famous with his wrestling technique, named `flying squirrel`. Ellis Coleman is the youngest member of the US wrestling team vying for a Greco-Roman Olympic gold. He defeated Joe Betterman in the 60-kilogram Greco-Roman bracket to become not only part of the American team, but somehow a legend.
He grew up on the Chicago West Side, one of the most dangerous parts of the city. His stepfather has introduced him to wrestling, a way of life for many gangbangers in the city. His life is like a movie scenario. But his dedication to the sport made his life meaningless and full of new opportunities. ` Go all out, keep scoring, that is all the coach wants from us`, said Coleman. `It is an American tradition, to smash your opponents on the mat`, added the` flying squirrel`.
In our world there is only one thing that attracts people`s attention- to be unique and different. People are tired of the past and are looking for new heroes. The rougher seem their lives, the more fans like them. Ellis Coleman is already a legend in his hometown Chicago, but he wants to be recognized as one of the greatest wrestlers all around the world. His style is unique, but he admits that he uses the ` flying squirrel` only when he loses. He said that fans won`t see the technique during the London Olympics. It sounds like he is not going to lose. The age is his advantage and he is capable of surprises.
`I said to myself before the tournament that I have nothing to lose`, said Coleman. Only time will tell who will be next Greco-Roman wrestling champion in the 60 kg division. Could he be Coleman?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympic Gymnastics

One of the most beautiful sports in the Olympic Games is Gymnastics. There is a tradition in this sport, and countries like Russia, China, USA and Japan are the leaders in nowadays Gymnastics. Many people ignore sports that are ruled by the judges’ opinions. But many times the logic put the things in their places.
The American team has the best female gymnastics and probably they will fight for other Olympic gold medals. Americans won the 2004th and 2008th Olympic all-around titles. Names like Carly Patterson and Nastia Liukin wrote the modern history of gymnastics. The competition inside the US team is very intense. Gabby Douglas and Jordyn Wieber finished just tenths of a point apart in the last gymnastics tournaments. It can push the American team for another victorious Olympic Games.
Russian are preparing for the big rivalry with the US team. Viktoria Komova and Aliya Mustafina have become well-known gymnastics around the world.  The Americans must also pay attention to China`s Yao Jinnan. The London Olympics could be the most difficult for the Americans teams, due to the strong competitors and possible surprises, which happen usually on the big tournaments.
One of the traditionally leaders in the modern Gymnastics, Romania is putting all its faith in the team. Romani won the team titles in the 2000th and 2004th Olympic Games, but failed to achieve something more than bronze medals in Beijing. Today the Romanian team is hit by the retirement of Ana Porgras and Larisa Iordache`s injury.
Many fans ask themselves: ` Can the Chinese team be beaten? ` It seems that China will be again on the top of the men`s gymnastics. The Americans have high-flying high bars, the Japanese have Uchimura, but most of all the Chinese team knows very well how to win titles.